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From: Dr. Brady Frank
Subject: What is a 'DDSO Blueprint' and how does it accelerate Total Dental Freedom?

This is a picture of my grandfather in 1943 when there were no DSOs in the US. Since that time, DSOs have forever changed the landscape of private practice dentistry in the US. Some have complained about this trend, as others have chosen to make lemonade out of lemons. By using some of the same systems, techniques and strategies that the DOSs have used to become successful, many private practitioners have been quietly expanding and building multiple streams of income. For many of these dentists, the clinical practice of dentistry is now a choice rather than a financial necessity. This is achieved by adding passive or non-clinical income to your portfolio through “Investing in Dentistry”. Here are some examples of recent dentists who went through the DDSO Blueprint Process:

Dr. Justin Leath: Added second investment location 6 months ago, has added 2 partners, from $2M on track to $5M, opening Implant Institute, purchased the dental building with second location.

Dr. David Poelman: $2M home practice with 50% owner, 2 investment practices under contract, closing on 9,000 sf medical/dental this October, Opened Implant CE Institute and 3D Printing Clear Aligner Institute and building multiple streams of income.  

Dr. Michael Ammons: 2 locations, moving on to 5 by the end of the year, opened, purchasing dental real estate as long-term investment.

Dr. Calvin Bessonet: Opened Louisiana Implant Institute, 200%+ more implant new patients.  Went form doing 6-8 implants per month prior to Blueprint to 40-50 per month with 2 locations after the Blueprint Process with Double the NET Income.

Dr. Kevin Ison: I have opened a 3D Clear Aligner Printing Center vastly reducing my clear aligner overhead and added multiple locations and real estate investments since completing the DDSO Blueprint.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, I would invite you to take the first step toward your ideal future by attending one of our DDSO Live Events. Just go to for more information. On behalf of the entire DDSO Alliance, hope to see you at an upcoming seminar!

Brady Frank, DDS
Dental Author, Speaker and Investor

 I invite you to apply for the DDSO Blueprint...
KJ Sturhahn - Buffalo Prairie Dental
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Here's What People Are Saying About The DDSO Blueprint
- Dr. Stephen McAnaney
- Dr. Ken Ness
- Dr. KJ Sturhahn
Brett Hildenbrand - Hildebrand Healthy Smiles
Here are just a few items of interest...
  • Implant Institute Faculty: Review options to be a faculty member of an existing Implant Institute, or be a founding faculty of a regional institute at your practice location.
  • Build Your Own Dental Savings Plan: Create your own dental savings plan through software that allows you to private-label or brand your own plan. 
  • Build Your Own In-House Financing Plan: Create your own in-house financing plan through software that allows you to private-label or brand your own plan.
  • Practice Acquisition Search: Review of options for finding practices to purchase. Use of our extensive potential seller database and letters team. Save 65% on letter campaigns.
  • Transition Help Adding a New Dentist or Acquisition: For full service help regarding agreements, banking, acquisition letters, consulting in relation to equity sales and closing the transaction.
  • ​Sleep Apnea Strategic Planning: Overview success principles that top sleep practices and groups have used to grow and scale the sleep vertical of their businesses. (Dr. Stopper)
  • Private Lending Opportunities and Overview: Overview of top strategies for receiving funding outside of the banks. Also how to grow your own portfolio through lending to successful dental practices, groups and businesses.
More optional topics that may be included at your request
  • ​Multiple Doctors/Multiple locations strategic planning
  • ​​DDSO Legal Foundation (To include trial partner agreements, Operating agreements, entity structure, etc.)
  • ​​Accounting Overview (this session is geared to lower your overall taxable income after as doctors are added to the practice(s) additionally, a pro forma cash-flow analysis will be created for contemplated trial-partners or new acquisitions)
  • ​​Overhead Overhaul: The goal is to drop overhead through an introduction to vendors within the DDSO Alliance with negotiated DSO-like pricing structures. The average client saves thousands of $ monthly.
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What is your own personal practice situation? How many locations, doctors, new patients and average monthly revenue?
In an ideal world, what does your practice situation look like in 12 months? In 5 years?
Do you have enough passive income from other investments and assets allowing you do you cut back from clinical dentistry at any point? If not, how close are you to achieving financial freedom?
How much monthly income do you feel you would need to have Total Dental Freedom (Clinical, Lifestyle and Financial Freedom)?
What are your favorite clinical components of dentistry? (Examples: implants, clear aligners, sleep etc.)


Our trusted team of advisers who have the full arsenal of DDSO Strategies at their disposal. 

DDSO Strategic Planing

Architecting the overall strategy to maximize income, lifestyle and the benefits of all parts of the DDSO Blueprint process.

DDSO Legal

 Creating your legal framework efficiently from our 20 year database of experience and documents.

DDSO Accounting + Tax Planning/Reduction

 Detailed spreadsheets giving you a clear picture of the future. Tax planning, adding a co-owner, mergers and acquisitions, DSO Roll-Ups.

DDSO Vendors

 Discounted rates for DDSO Alliance.
 Dental labs, guided implant surgery, 3D Printing Aligners, CBCT, dental chairs, etc. 

DDSO Real Estate

 Use the broker that Brady personally uses to find his best Medical Dental Real Estate Investments.
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